About Us

Growing up in a print shop with a mom and grandparents who owned their own company has been my inspiration to begin my business. They taught me the value of the best customer service, an excellent product, and a passion for what you are doing. It also led me to love printed material...seeing it come to life after I envision it in my mind. Now that I have my own printer that is closer to reality. It is not the same as when I was a child and I ran the big old Kluge letterpress but it is still wonderful to see my designs materialize.

Even as a child I doodled on everything. As I grew I explored other mediums like oils, watercolor, etchings, sumi, and charcoal to name a few. I found that my true love was and is still to draw and design. Taking every day objects and putting my "design twist" on them is my passion! 

When my children were little, and I lived in NY, I worked at an Art Center as their Art Directer for a time....it was a wonderful experience. I also spent my time as a freelance graphic artist working from my home. But after moving to Florida there just wasn't the demand for what I did...so I went back to school and became a teacher!

In 2011 I retired from my career in teaching and slowly started picking up a pencil, a paintbrush, and a pen again.. just for fun. It has been the pen that has inspired me the most. I don't seem to want to put it down. I keep thinking of new designs. Design has always been my fascination and it seems I have found my outlet. Doodling is the medium that keeps me going and going.... I hope you enjoy my doodles as much as I absolutely love creating them....every line!

I have turned them into little works of art on greeting cards to frame or send to your loved ones and friends. Now I am also offering matted prints of my work ready for framing....

Thanks so much for visiting...I hope you like my shop and will come back often!