14 Jan '15


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My youngest grandchildren are twins and they (a boy and a girl) just turned 10. Double digits! It's astounding to me how fast the time goes ...the older I get the faster it goes! I know this is such a cliche...been said so many times. It bears repeating only if it helps to remind me that every single moment is sooo precious! Okay enough melodrama...lets move on to the fun part of the birthday. Since their birthday is so close to Christmas my daughter and I usually determine a present for the twindalins (as Lisa likes to call them) before Christmas. It just makes life easier that way. But for some reason that did not happen this year. What also makes this year different is the fact that both boy and girl have decided that they would like to have separate parties. This is a first! No big party in the park and invite the whole grade level...well practically the grade!!! Instead they wanted theme parties at specialty places and invite their special friends. Much pricier! So Tom and I decided the best gift we could give would be to "chip in" on the parties to help make them possible. This was all settled and we knew the kids would understand and appreciate the gift but I kept having a nagging feeling that I wanted to do something else. But what??? Then it Katie kcame to me!! Day before yesterday...I decided to draw their initials....both K...with my own style of doodling and add their names to personalize!!! First I blocked out the large letter and then I wrote their name below in my best handwriting. If you are going to try this, and want to matte it, make sure it fits inside the matte opening before going any further (I made the mistake of putting the name too low to work in the matte at first :( ). After this I just doodled inside the large letter. When the doodling was all finished ...I drew into the name a little more to emphasize the up and down lines of the names...just to darken them a little. I wanted to make them fun for the kids so I tried to keep the doodles light and not serious if that makes sense. Anyway this is how they both turned out... K for Keagan blog K for Katie blog Both Katie and Keagan seemed to like their letters very much...I am so glad I was able to finish them in time. I am thinking of offering an alphabet like this in my Etsy shop that could be personalized this way. Let me know what you think. At least the K is already complete and ready for all those Kates and Kevins and Karls and Kathys and Keagans and Katies and......and....