29 Dec '14

Where we were...

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This has been a year of learning for us! Tom and I have always loved going to markets and arts and crafts shows of all kinds. I honestly never really thought I would be one of the venders selling at one of them. First of all I am way too shy to think about hawking my art at such a place where people can just walk by .....and ....gasp! .....ignore you!!!! The whole idea is so foreign to my personality ....but somehow I knew in my heart that if I really wanted this dream of my own business of making my art ....my way ....I had to do this ...so I did!Holiday Hoopla 12-13-14I went to the first market back in the spring. My daughter went with me and that was a big help. I didn't sell many cards but people seemed to like them and I was really encouraged. Then I went to another...this time I was set up alone but my daughter and granddaughter were nearby in their own canopy. Again, I didn't sell much but people seemed to like what I had to offer. Tom came with me to the next market which was in Tampa. I now had prints and and belonged to a local Etsy group (they actually sponsored the market) and we sold a lot!!! I was overjoyed. I started to learn about my target audience. That the right people had to see what I had and then I would sell my product! We broke our canopy that day and we couldn't even take charge cards because I didn't have it set up correctly. But it was a great day!!! We were exhausted when we got home. It's the end of the year and we have done many markets since then including Shopapalooza, Craft and Drafts, Small  Business Saturday, St. Pete Indie Market and Holiday Hoopla and I have learned that I so enjoy them; I love talking to the customers about everything! Other vendors are some of the nicest people...they always seem to want to help no matter what the problem. We are still learning which are the best markets for us to attend but we always take something away with us. We are together having a wonderful time and looking forward to the year ahead and what it will bring!!! Tell me about what you are looking forward to in the new year...I would love to hear about your dreams as well!!!