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More About Those Vegetables!

As many of you know I have started an alphabet series of vegetable prints and cards. You can read about how it all started here if you don't know the story and have any desire at all to figure out why I might decide to do such a thing.A is for ArtichokeB is for Beet1C is for Corn Well you can see the corn drawing is finished...meaning my ABC's are at least done! A small beginning for a large endeavor I know! Of course, as life has it, things keep getting in the way of the next letter...a lot has come between C and D! But my dandelion drawing is on its way to being finished thanks to a recall on our car. We had to spend several hours in our local dealership yesterday...Dayton Andrews. I don't think they will mind me mentioning their name because I can't say enough nice things about how they handled our car issues! We were told it would take a couple of hours to fix the recall problem we had and my husband, Tom, also asked them to do an oil change. So we were directed to to their customer lounge. It was quite comfy. cocoa...wifi...tall tables...short tables...chairs...sofas....just about everything....and a great place to draw! This gave me plenty of space and time to get lost in drawing. A man even saw my artichoke card laid out next to my drawing and just had to buy it for his wife! Our job took longer than they expected so they did our oil change complimentary AND my dandelion is almost ready for the printer! I would say it was great day!!! Thank you Dayton Andrews!!!