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19 Nov '14

Life Goes on for Gilly..

Posted by 1 in That's Life!
Obviously we had to find Gilly a new home. He could not stay in his too tall vase with his makeshift oxygen forever so we took ourselves to the big box store. Sometimes it is where you have to go to find what you need. We met Wendell in the fish department. He loves his job and it shows in his treatment of customers. They were out of the ten gallon tank that cost $27 so he called a nearby store for us. Unfortunately, he got the same response I got the last time I called that store. He was on hold for a very long time. Wendell then called back, explained who he was, asked for a manager and stated he was trying to help a customer (that part was probably his downfall) for he was on hold again for a very long time. Finally he hung up and said he was going to get a manager and make this "right" for us. Wendell did just that! He explained to his manager how we needed a 10 gallon tank for our goldfish that our grandson had given us and for budget reasons we could not buy the $50 - 10 gallon tank. At first the manager offered us a $10 reduced price but then after he looked at it awhile longer he finally said he was going to price match it. Wendell was awesome! We bought Gilly's new tank and came home and set it up. This one has all the bells and whistles. Changing colored lights and extra air bubbles...it was the one Tom wanted in the first place but it wasn't in the "budget" as Wendell put it. It's amazing how things work out sometimes. The next day we went to the pet store and bought live plants and stones. We also got a lesson in feeding Gilly. The man there explained that you need to wet the flakes so they do not float on top of the water. This could cause the fish to take in air bubbles which could lead to serious problems even death. He also told us that a 10 gallon tank could hold TWO goldfish and that we could NOT put the cute little schooling tetras with Gilly that I wanted. So much for my plans. We brought home all our new info and goodies and finally had a proper home for Gilly. And a roommate! Our youngest granddaughter was happy to give us Nibbles to keep Gilly company.Gilly new home