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It's a Fish Story!

Gilly came into our life last Sunday night! Our three grandchildren were so excited to have won FOUR new goldfish at the carnival. This was far too many fish to add to their already existing tank. So they prevailed upon us, their grandparents to be the guardians of at least one of their prized possessions. I consented to take in ONE! Tom, my husband thought maybe we should have two but I was firm in my decision. We housed Gilly in the beautiful tall vase that had once been home to a Beta. And that was that…or so I thought! I then did some research on goldfish the next evening and found out that they need oxygen and a large surface area on the top of their living space…exactly the OPPOSITE of what we had given poor Gilly. The article I read also went on to state that if your goldfish is at the top of the water making sucking motions at the surface he is in trouble. As I read this to Tom we both turned to look at Gilly and  saw him doing exactly this motion. We felt like the worst grandparents in the world. My brilliant husband came to Gilly’s rescue with an awesome idea.    Gilly 2    He uses oxygen at night and has a concentrator that he doesn’t always use so he loaned it to Gilly! As you can see in the picture Gilly is quite happy with this arrangement.