How I Make Art -

My friend Jan, Tupelo Honey....and corn.

IMG_0636The first stop on our summer trip is always to see my very dear friend Jan. Actually she has come to be "our" very dear friend as both Tom and I care about her equally as much at this point in our friendship. We always head straight up route 75 to spend a few days with her in Knoxville since she has moved from the Tampa Bay area. Last year she introduced us to a new cafe that had opened in the marketplace. In the lobby they had these great large stencils of vegetables on the wall which inspired me to begin my alphabet veggie doodle series. We loved the food and decided to return for lunch/brunch this year. Now I have to tell you before going into the restaurant this year I had already decided that A is for Artichoke and B is for Beet would be followed by C is for Corn. In fact I had made this sketch you see above. It did not travel well in my art pad. I made the mistake of leaving the graphite rubbing I do on the tracing paper on it and of course that made it quite a mess to clean. But I wanted you you to see that is the sketch I had done before I went to Tupelo Honey Cafe this year and saw this silhouette on the wall. IMG_2389