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New Blog!!!!

This is so exciting! We have been talking about doing this for what seems like a long time now. I am not the "techie" person...that is my daughter Lisa who helps me soooo much! This time it was to set up this awesome blog which is still a work in progress. I do know how much work went into this and I appreciate it more than I can tell her! I want this to be a place to share what I am doing...what's new and what you will see at Katekreates! Also to see what else YOU would like to see! That is probably the most important part...the feedback I get from YOU. I plan to post news and information, pictures and new products and general updates. You can also now subscribe to my mailing list over on the right, follow me on Twitter, and like me Facebook. Besides all that I would like to post some of the process of creating the designs I make. My husband asks me all the time "Can I see where you're at?" when I'm in the middle of creating something new. This gave me the idea that others might like to "see" what I was doing also. As a result I will try to take pictures along the way and post them. Let me know what you think.